About Us

Bawse Life Studio WAS BORN

"There is no levels to beauty, it’s endless and we’re going to the extreme levels" With innovative customer experiences and exceptional quality products Bawse Life Studio continues to be the gold standard when it comes to the hair industry. Started by Latoya Numb in 2017 my suite location was called prettynslayedglamextensions but in 2019 I change that name to Bawse Life Studio, Bawse Life Studio has evolved from not just an online hair extensions store, but other beauty offerings including lip gloss, lashes and hair care products. In 2021 Bawse Life Studio hair salon opened in Sliver Spring Maryland and has swiftly become one of the most popular salons in the city. Store location: 11406 G Georgia Avenue Sliver Spring Md 20902 _________________________________________________

“Selling hair and doing hair since I was 15 but that was just a side hustle for me when to hair school in 2004 graduated and my license work in salon for little leave the salon work from home while taking care of family in 2017 I just kept saying I wanna have my own salon one day at the time I was not financially stable being a single mom raising two kids it was hard to save money suddenly start working two jobs and every dime I get I’ll put some money away i’ll put my blood sweat and tears into this The sleepless nights hit differently I manifest every day a lot of young black ladies on Instagram and YouTube inspire me to move to the next level of having my own salon location. I had never intended for it to be this big movement.” But a BIG movement is exactly what Latoya created. At the age of 34 Latoya decided to take a leap of faith. With just $500 she purchased some business cards, a few bundles of hair and products and an LLC under the name Bawse Life Studio. What at first started as a way to make extra cash quickly became a booming business. Through the use of social media Latoya created a following that fell in love with her authentic personality and marketing techniques not seen before to sell hair. With a small amount of followers on Instagram and seeing herself as her only competition, Latoya has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with in the hair industry. She continues to push the boundaries when it comes to creating unique experiences for her audience. Lending her knowledge through classes and Latoya is empowering and inspiring other women to create their own lane low key and venture into entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. LaToya What does the future hold for Bawse Life and LaToya Numb ? The possibilities are endless.